Loan Policy

Specimens are available for loan to other institutions. Requests for loans must be made in writing or by email to the Curator ( or Requests should include 1) the name and position of the researcher; 2) the nature of the study; 3) details of the specimens requested.

Responsibility for the material loaned must be accepted by the institution through an authorized representative. Students and postdocs wishing to borrow material must do so through their supervisor. Approval of loan requests is at the discretion of the Curator, and the Curator reserves the right to recall the specimens at any time. The borrower must ensure that the specimens do not pass out of their custody for the duration of the loan.

Publication and dissemination

Publications, reports, presentations, or exhibitions that result from this loan should acknowledge the Geological Museum, Trinity College Dublin.  Citation of specimens should use the prefix TCD followed by its catalogue number. A copy of any publications/reports should be sent to the Curator.


Loans are generally made for a duration of one year. Requests for extension can be made to the curator.


Specimens may not be altered in any way without prior permission from the Curator. Alteration includes cleaning, sampling, cutting, polishing, sectioning, molding, coating, repairing, preparation, and removal of labels. If permission is granted, specimens must be photographed before any alterations are made.


Shipping costs are paid for by the borrower. Specimens should be returned packed as they were received, unless other arrangements have been agreed on with the Curator.