patrick_cropped.pngDr. Patrick Wyse Jackson – Curator

Patrick is the curator of the Trinity Geological Museum,  Associate Professor of Geology and Head of the School of Natural Sciences. His primary research topic is Paleozoic bryozoans. He also has an interest in the history of Geology and building stones of Ireland, and has published widely on those subjects, including papers relating to the Trinity Geological Museum.



Dr. Una Farrell – Research Fellow

Una is lecturing in Palaeontology, working as a project manager for the EU MetalIntelligence project, and as a database manager for the Stanford Sedimentary Geochemistry and Paleoenvironments project. She previously worked as a collection manager for Invertebrate Paleontology at the Biodiversity Institute, KU and helps out at the Trinity Geological Museum as often as possible.



Aodhán Ó Gogáin – PhD Student

Aodhán is a PhD student in the geology department, working on visualizing and describing the Pennsylvanian tetrapod fauna of Jarrow Co. Kilkenny. He also has an interest in the ecology of Late Palaeozoic fish and the evolution of early terrestrial vertebrate bearing ecosystems. Aside from research, he is keen on public outreach related to palaeontology and the natural world.



We are lucky to have Trinity undergraduate volunteers who are giving their time to help with inventory, organization and website development at the museum.

ThaliaThalia De Castelbajac

Thalia is a third year student in Environmental Sciences. She has an interest in paleontology, in particular Conservation Paleobiology. She has been working on inventory, where she has encountered ichthyosaur bones, mammoth teeth, hundreds of corals and the odd mineral.


Ethan Ethan Brady-Arnold

Ethan is a third year student in Geology. He has been working on inventory in cases of rocks, fossils and minerals – including trays of sulfides and galena from the Irish Caledonides, conglomerates from Michigan, granites from Donegal and many others.




Gus Hughes

Gus is a third year student in Zoology, with an interest in design and communications. He has been helping out with illustrations for the website.